Top Ten Percent Awarded in Grades 9 Through 11 at Winthrop High School

This year’s high schoolers will likely have very different memories than high schoolers of years past. One of those memories is the annual Top 10% Breakfast, which honors the 

top ten percent of each high school class. The event applauds those students who achieved academic excellence, positioning themselves as leaders of their class. In what is considered one of Winthrop High School’s traditional annual events, this year, recipients had to forego the celebration that was scheduled for May 9th and receive their accolades in a different way. Here are the top ten percent of the freshmen, sophomore and junior class.

9th grade

Benjamin Prew

Corinne Powell

Zoe Long

Elizabeth Carney

Samantha Harrison

Hanna Essaouabi

Christopher Raney

Michael Callanan

Julie Cabrera

Jennifer Delehanty

Haven Pereira

Ryan Gagnon

Christian Buonopane

Nataliya Melnyk

Daniel Liberti

10th grade

Daniel Tracy

Nora McCarey

Victoria Arinella

Analise Bruno

Madelaine Tolliver

Julia Marcoccio

Anna Eaton

Ivanava Crespo

Ari Hain

Raymond Whittaker

Evan Bernstein

Maggie Doig

Megan Goudge

Madeleine Rossi

Anastassia Panagakos

William Gillis

11th grade

Colleen Whittaker

Michael Gillis

Jami Snow

Ayat Walid

Natalia Kirilova

Evan Smotrich

Liliana Napoli

Max Correia

Jack Fobert

Dea Alabaku

Kathryn Gagnon

Ruwan Aldweib

Robert Floyd

Grace Galuris

Matthew Hurley

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