Lock Your Cars, Bring in Valuables

As surely as May flowers follow April showers, so too, does the warmer weather bring out the petty thieves who perform their mischief.

Going through the police blotter each week, we are struck by the large number of residents who exercise no common sense, whether by leaving their motor vehicles unlocked (and often with their wallets or other valuables inside) or not storing their bicycles and similar items in a secure place at all times.

We like to think that our insular peninsula is free from the criminal element, but that is an illusion and always has been. Yes, we have a lower crime rate than neighboring communities and our police force truly is responsive and vigilant, but opportunity is the biggest factor in criminal activity, whether it be the professional thieves or some drunken kids roaming the streets late at night.

Our own individual behavior is the best defense we have against becoming a victim of crime — and that means making sure that our vehicles, homes, and property are locked away and secured at all times.

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