Kate’s Corner: The Mystery Behind Pleasant Street’s Cartoon Characters

There are a lot of staples that make Winthrop a memorable town. From the patriotic colors of the water tower to the city views at Coughlin Park, it’s hard to deny the charm of the beachside community. That charm is exceptionally present on the corner of Pleasant and Winthrop Streets, where Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt reside on the front lawn of 46 Winthrop St. The two colorful characters are the result of resident, Billy Durocher’s, creative and safety endeavor.

Resident, Billy Durocher, with his two bollard characters at 46 Pleasant St.

“When I bought the house six years ago, there was a decaying wall around it, so I needed to find another way to barricade it from distracted drivers,” said Durocher, who originally got the idea when he saw two bollards in Revere. The anchors are typically used to tie steam ships up to, but Durocher had another plan in mind. After offering to purchase the pair in Revere and scouring Craig’s List, he finally found two bollards that would later become Charlie Brown and Lucy, Minions, and seasonally decorated characters. The pair of bollards, which cost $1,200, are 2,000 pounds each, and needed the help of a tow truck to place them front and center in his yard.

“I had originally started to paint Donald Trump on one of the bollards, but my family demanded I take it down.”

Having a past career as a sign painter, the project was exciting for Durocher and he recruited the help of his 6-year-old granddaughter, Bianca, an aspiring artist. The two regularly update the steel posts, keeping them colorful and family-friendly. For four years, the bollards have served as a symbol of happiness and a reminder to drive safely in the community.

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