Boncore Announces Endorsement of Congressman Kennedy in U.S. Senate Race

State Sen. Joseph Boncore announced his endorsement of Congressman Joe Kennedy III for U.S. Senate during a meet and greet reception at Pazza on Porter, East Boston.

“These are times where we need change in this country and in this commonwealth,” Boncore told the large gathering in attendance. “This is a time where we look inward while all else is going around us. Joe Kennedy is a man who understands the plight of this community. Joe Kennedy is a man whose family came to this community [East Boston] as an immigrant family to the New World. They understood the struggle and what it continues to be.

“I want elected leaders to listen to their community,” continued Boncore. “I want politicians who aren’t convenient to get re-elected. But I want politicians who are full of conviction and want to get elected. I want politicians who are going to continue the fight that we fight each and every day in this community, politicians who understand the functional change that needs to happen in Washington, D.C. Right now our country is in a very divisive place. There are structural changes that need to happen in Washington and trickle down to us. These are structural changes that have widened the margins for too many of our constituents and Joe Kennedy has promised to fix those margins and make sure that every person is heard from in our community.

“And that’s why I want Joe Kennedy. That’s why I’m here tonight with all of you to support Joe Kennedy. It is my honor and privilege to introduce the next senator from Massachusetts – Joe Kennedy.”

Kennedy thanked Sen. Boncore and his family for their support. “If you’re going to come to East Boston, you should come with the Boncores,” said Kennedy.

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