Student Highlight: Structure And Discipline Are All Part Of The Game For Teixeira

Senior, Patrick Teixeira believes that sport participation is about more than the competition and winning a game. “Being part of a team has given me structure and discipline and has helped me grow in every aspect of my life,” said Teixeira who has played on the varsity football team since he was in eighth grade. His hard work in the sport paid off , and when he was a sophomore, he received the Jack Driscoll Award for being an outstanding lineman. The 17-year-old is also on the indoor and outdoor track teams, following in both his sisters’ and grandfather’s footsteps.

What is your favorite sport to participate in?

I love football, it is my favorite sport and it has grown to be a huge part of my life and track is a close second.

Do you have any college/career goals?

I am looking at colleges like Framingham State,  Anna Maria College, and Plymouth State University. I want to study Criminal Justice or Fire Science, and eventually I’d like to become a firefighter. 

Do you have a role model?

My role model is my dad. He is a hard worker, honest, and always takes care of his family. 

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