Emma Previte Collecting Socks for My Brother’s Table

Story & Photo by Marianne Salza

When 8-year-old, Emma Previte, visited a soup kitchen with her brother, Nathan, and his CCD class, she was inspired to donate socks for those in need to stay warm throughout the winter. Since Nov. 11, Emma has accumulated 503 pairs of socks, and hopes to collect 1,000 total to deliver to My Brother’s Table, in Lynn.

“We have everything we need, but homeless people don’t have anything,” explained Emma, as she cartwheeled barefoot through her parlor. “I wanted to give them socks so they don’t have cold and hurt feet.”

Eight-year-old, Emma Previte, is collecting sock donations to deliver to My Brother’s Table.

Emma is a third-grade student at the Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School whose favorite subject is art. A multi-talented, spirited girl, Emma is enrolled in cheerleading, gymnastics, tap, acrobatics, ballet, jazz, and contemporary classes.

Contribute to Emma’s sock donation by mailing or dropping off socks to her home at 87 Loring Road, Winthrop, MA 02151, or placing them in a marked bin at the Cummings School.

“The most in-demand item they need is socks,” said Emma’s mother, Jilane Previte. “Emma and I were discussing one day how fortunate we are, and that there are a lot of people without basic necessities.”

Emma and Jilane will be delivering the sock donations to My Brother’s Table, the largest soup kitchen on the North shore, on Dec. 7.

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