Schlichting in the U.S. Army Military Police Exploring Leadership Academy

This past summer Winthrop Police Explorer Antea Schlichting was selected for the US. Army Military Police Exploring Leadership Academy at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Antea had the unique experience of participating in the National Law Enforcement Exploring Leadership Academy hosted by the U.S. Army Military Police. Only 30 young men and women from around the country were selected to participate.

The academies featured programs on the dynamics of leadership, physical training and law enforcement practices.

On daily basis, they woke up to the sound of revelry playing at 4:30 a.m. They reported dressed and ready for physical fitness and then their days were filled with classroom work, scenario-based training, obstacle and agility course work, defensive tactics, team building exercises and much more.

On the fifth and final day, they participated in a graduation ceremony celebrating their accomplishments from the week.

Winthrop Police Explorer Antea Schlichting and her teammate from the Douglas Country Sherriff’s police explorer program (Nevada) Caitlin McLaughlin were awarded “Top Cop” for the week’s academy. The Top Cop honor is the top award presented at the academy and represents the fact that they excelled in classroom, Physical Fitness, simulation training, defense tactics and more. It should be noted, that both Antea and Caitlin were the youngest Explorers attending the academy, yet they took the top award.

“We are very proud of Antea for attended this amazing academy.  We are especially honored that Antea took the Top Cop award home for the Winthrop Police Explorers Post 99.   Antea represents a long tradition of national and local success by Winthrop Police Explorer Post 99,” stated Officer Samantha Petersen of the Winthrop Police Department. 

Antea also attended the Massachusetts State Police student trooper academy this past summer. 

The Winthrop Police Explorers Post # 99 is run by the Winthrop Police Department.  If you have any questions about the post or might know someone who is interested in joining the Post between the ages of 14-20 please feel free to contact Officer Samantha Petersen, Detective Richard Ferrino or Lt. Stephen Rogers at 617-846-1212.

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