Student Highlight : Ryan Parker Looking Forward to WHS Classes

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Parker is looking forward to participating in the Life Skills class for the 2019-2020 school year. The Life Skills class offers a chance to mentor students with disabilities, and as a mentor in the class last year, Parker built bonds with many of the students and quickly realized how much she loves working with others.

Ryan Parker.

“I participated in the class for the first time last year, and quickly became close friends with all of the students in the class,” said Parker. “If I am ever having a bad day, I walk into this class and  instantly become happier.”

In addition to her work in the Life Skills class, Parker spends her weekends volunteering with Winthrop, Advocacy, Resources, Community (WINARC), playing games and engaging with children with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities.

How Did You Spend Your Summer?

This past summer, I worked at the Children’s Corner Preschool as a teacher’s assistant. I especially enjoyed this, along with my experience at WINARC, because I hope to specialize in pediatrics in the future

What Activities are you Involved With at School?

I am very involved in student government.  I have served on the Student Council’s executive board since eighth grade, and recently became President of my senior class. I have worked closely with the American Red Cross, coordinating biannual blood drives at the high school through my student government positions. I have also participated in the Drama Society and have played for the varsity lacrosse team since my freshman year.

Do you have any College/Career Goals?

I am hoping to attend college and become a Physician’s Assistant.  I have been spending time this past year shadowing and learning about this medical profession. 

What is Your Favorite Subject?

My favorite subject tends to be anything related to science, especially anatomy and physiology. I think these classes are so interesting because I can see them applied in my real life. 

Who is Your Role Model?

My parents are my role models, each for different reasons. My dad teaches me to be adventurous and how to appreciate the world around me. My mom is very hard working and has shown me the virtues of helping my friends and community. When something needs to be done, I can always count on her, no matter what the circumstances are. 

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