Student Highlight : Andrew DiMento Following in His Mother’s Footsteps

In addition to the fact that the University of Vermont is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, recent graduate Andrew DiMento decided on the school for two other reasons. It has a quality engineering program, and his mother attended the school.

While DiMento attended Winthrop High School, he was a four-time varsity starter on the golf team and captain his senior year. He was also a three-time varsity hockey starter, a four-time varsity goalie starter on the lacrosse team, as well as captain. He earned numerous athletic accolades including defensive player of the year in lacrosse and helped bring his team to an NEC win in both hockey and lacrosse.

What Are You Majoring In?

I will be majoring in mechanical engineering. This is because for the longest time, I have been interested in the way things work, going deeper than only what they are like on the surface and discovering their inner mechanisms. 

Will You Be Playing Sports or Involved in Any Activities/Clubs While at School?

I will be attempting to walk on the UVM lacrosse team. They are a Division 1 school, so I am hopeful because of my skill but know that it is unlikely. 

What Are Your Career Goals?

My career goals are to develop and produce products to better the planet and to better the lives of humanity. I plan on finding a job that allows

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