Letter to the Editor

MWRA Meeting Draws Small Crowd

Dear Editor,

I regret that I was unable to attend the meeting, and it was not for lack of interest. The Spring and Fall MWRA community meetings, which are open to the public, are vital opportunities to maintain good community relations. 

Thank you for canceling plans to build a new parking lot, Mr. Laskey. Paving over the meadow with asphalt would have exacerbated the heat-island effect, shrunk hunting habitat for birds and foragers, distorted the beautiful view of the Boston skyline, and brought more cars through Town.

MWRA could further support the Town by including alternative public transportation options when promoting the new pier.  The Winthrop Ferry and Winthrop Taxi would benefit from the cross-promotion. The Point Shirley MBTA bus is another reliable option. Winthrop Taxi: 617-846-9999   https://www.town.winthrop.ma.us/ferryDawn Rae

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