Reflecting On The Joy His Five Sons Bring Him

For Mike Upton, one of the best things about fatherhood is making great memories and witnessing lots of laughs. The father of five has no shortage of laughter and meaningful moments under his roof and this Father’s Day he will be reflecting on the many memories that have shaped the lives of his five boys: Mikey (19), Nolan (11), and 5-year-old triplets, Reese, Nathan and Cash.

As one of six siblings growing up, Upton has always been part of a full house, and remembers what it was like growing up with the same type of chaos that he witnesses on a daily basis today.


Mike Upton with wife Jessica, triplets, Reese, Cash, and Nathan, Mikey and Nolan.

“Family is important to me, and while it’s tough to have a big family, it’s worth it,” said Upton, who is grateful for the help of his mother-in-law. “Some days are filled with laughter and some days are filled with whining and crying. People always ask me and my wife Jessica how we do it, and our reply is ‘you just do it, whatever it takes to survive.’ We are not perfect, but we try to teach our children about respect, morals and the importance of family.”

The life lessons that were instilled in Upton as a child, have spilled over into how he raises his own sons, who all play a role at helping to make the household run smoothly. Nineteen-year-old Mikey helps out with walking the dog and helping if the younger boys are sick, Nolan tends to daily chores like taking out the trash, cleaning up toys, and setting the table for dinner. A house full of boys is a guarantee for a busy schedule filled with practices, activities, and sporting events, but Upton and Jessica have a system in place that allows them to fit it all in, in somewhat of an organized fashion. While Upton takes the older boys to sports, Jessica handles the triplets, and deals with the doctor visits and school appointments.

When asked what he likes most about fatherhood, Upton shares his love for watching his boys interact with one another and how they have a common bond over their love of hockey.

“My favorite thing about being a father is receiving the love that I do from my boys. They always want to sit with me and watch TV, they want to play hockey with me, they want to take rides with me, they express how much fun they have with me when we are out doing things together. If I’m fixing things around the house the boys always want to help and I let them pass me tools or hold the ladder. It makes them feel so important being my helpers and it’s so cute.”

True to his belief that family comes first, Upton will be celebrating Father’s Day by watching the Bunker Hill Day Parade in the house that he grew up in alongside his wife, kids, parents and siblings.

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