Delvena Theatre Company Presents: ‘Truly Eleanor’ at the Winthrop Public Library

Last Tuesday evening, the Hazlett Room at the Winthrop Public Library was packed with audience members who were eager to see another performance by the Delvena Theatre Company. In this three-person production of “Truly Eleanor,” actress Lynne Moulton narrates the many ups and downs of her life as Eleanor Roosevelt. Displaying polished theatrics, Moulton captured the audience as she shared her most private and meaningful moments, including her less than joyous childhood, her marriage to Franklin, who was her fifth cousin, and the devastation she faced when she found out her husband, the 32nd president of the United States, was having an affair with his social secretary. Joseph Zamparelli played the parts of both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, offering a performance that showcased a seamless transition between the two. As the third member of the cast, Fran Baron played the role of Alice Roosevelt Longworth and Sara Delano Roosevelt, completing the candid look at the life of the First Lady who exhibited courage and contributions to human rights and liberty for all. 

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