School Committee Supports Full Funding for Public Schools

On Monday night, the school committee voted in favor of full funding for our public schools, urging the Legislature to approve and fully fund a new foundation budget formula by May 1, 2019.

The resolution in support of full funding for our public schools states that all students deserve high-quality public schools that teach the whole child, providing them with a rich school experience that addresses their academic, social and emotional needs. The state foundation budget formula, which dictates state aid to each district, has been severely out of date for several years, causing districts in the Commonwealth to lack sufficient funding by $1 billion a year for essential educational services. According to the updated foundation budget formula, the Winthrop Public Schools would be brought up to $1,177,991 for additional state aid each year. This boost would allow the district to move closer to providing all students the education that they are entitled.

“The budget is a work in progress, as we review the wants and needs of each department, including the school department,” said Town Council President, Ron Vecchia. “As we approach the real numbers in state aid, we hope to be able to attain more advantageous numbers for all departments. I am confident that one of the bills on Beacon Hill to overhaul education funding for all cities and towns will deliver a much-needed boost in educational assistance for Winthrop.”

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