Student Highlight: Creativity Runs Deep for Senior Brando Martinez

Brando Martinez’s thirst for creativity has made him a major asset amongst his peers and around Winthrop High School. As the photographer for the yearbook club, the busy senior can be found at several sporting events, eager to capture memorable moments. He also spends countless hours in the digital media classroom, working on both personal and school-related projects such as sports films and picture editing.

You seem to always be involved in some realm of digital media. Can you tell us about this?

I do a lot of projects for myself and the school. I made a music video for high school and I make a lot of sports videos. A lot of my work can be found on my YouTube channel if you search for Brando Martinez.

What is your favorite subject?

Digital Media or Photography class because of the freedom and creativity I have to just be me.  

Who is your role model?

I have three role models because I look up to people and I try to take one trait that they have and implement it into my life. The first one would Miles Carter because of the way he looks at life. He’s very poetic and has inspired me to just be. The second one would be Justin Escalona because of the videos he makes. He’s an entrepreneur with a clothing line and a YouTuber as well. The last one would be Peter McKinnon. His artistic style has inspired a lot of my work and I’ve learned a lot from his work through filmmaking.

Do you have any college/career goals?

My career goals would be to get into a good film school and finish my degree in filmmaking. Then I would like to direct a few films and just work creatively to my best ability. I would also like to work as a filmmaking freelancer and travel the world. I would like to see places that people only dream of seeing.

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