Winthrop Votes Follow State Results

Grey skies and rain couldn’t keep voters away Tuesday to vote in the mid-term election, in fact voters came out strong in Winthrop with 7,702 of 12,918 registered voters checking in.

“Turn out was very high, and we are very grateful for all the people that helped us Election Day”, said Town Clerk Carla Vitale.

Early voting seemed to have an impact too, with 1,738 coming to town hall to cast their votes prior to election day.

In the race for Senator in Congress, Democrat Elizabeth Warren won with 4,121 votes over Republican Geoff Diehl’s 3,179.

The Republican incumbents Charlie Baker-Karyn Polito took 5,391 votes in the Governor/Lt. Governor race over Democratic challengers Jay Gonzalez and Quinton Palfrey who earned 1,983 votes.

For Attorney General, incumbent Democrat Maura Healey had 5,169 votes over Republican challenger James McMahon III.

For Secretary of State, Democrat William Galvin earned 5,239 votes over Democratic challenger Anthony Amore.

For Representitive in Congress, incumbent Democrat Katherine Clark took 4,882 votes over Republican challenger who earned 2,403 votes.

State Sen. Joe Boncore ran unopposed but still got 5,968 votes. State Representative and Speaker of the House Robert Deleo also ran unopposed and earned 6,053 votes.

For District Attorney, Democrat Rachel Rollins earned 4,565 votes over Republican Michael Maloney. Dan Connelly, who served as district attorney, opted not to run.

For Registrar of Deeds, incumbent Democrat Steve Murphy was supported with 4,750 votes over Republican challenger Gabriella Mendoza.

For complete detail details on the election go to the town’s website at

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