Winthrop Shore Drive Improvement Project Finishes 9 Months Early

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) hosted a ribbon cutting event last Friday to celebrate improvements made to Winthrop Shore Drive in the Town of Winthrop. The $16.5 million project, headed by the DCR, significantly improved the usability and stability of the roadway. Additionally, the project increases the climate change resiliency and adaptability of the shore line, surrounding lands, and neighborhoods. The completion of the project comes nine months ahead of schedule, and concludes the third and final phase of agency improvements made to the Winthrop Beach region.

Winthrop Beach has seen its fair share of transitions over the years, including the effects of climate change, which have altered the coastal infrastructure of the shoreline, which runs the length of Winthrop Shore Drive.

Serving as a front yard to many residents, the beach has recently undergone some major improvements, including the addition of a railing and water fountains, the widening of the sidewalks to allow for more accessibility, improved lighting, new rinse stations, benches, tables, and bike racks and restoration to the roads and walls, making for a more esthetic appearance for residents and tourists. Last Wednesday, Oct. 24, a ribbon was cut to mark the completion of the two-year project, which was completed nine months ahead of schedule, saving months of construction disturbances to residents.

“I grew up on the beach and trust me, this is the best condition this beach has ever been in,” said Town Council President Ron Vecchia. “This is a godsend to those who live on shore drive. The beach is coming back, and Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.”

Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Leo Roy credited the solid partnership that Winthrop had with the DCR through the entire process.

“This is really a testament to the dedication of the DCR staff and the strong partnership with Winthrop,” said Roy. “We are committed to recreation and giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. We couldn’t do this alone, and we are grateful for our partnerships.”

The moment was extra special for those who have a history with the town’s beaches, and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo made a point to recognize the occasion as one that was long overdue.

“I’ve been involved in this issue for three decades. This is a very special day for this town, and I thank the residents for their patience. This is a great day for our community.”

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