Boyd & Turner, LLC Rooted in Community

He’s been in the insurance business for 32 years in Winthrop and now Rick Boyd is moving forward with business partner Paul Turner to create Boyd & Turner, LLC offering an array of insurance products for home, auto, boat, business insurances.

“We started from scratch and now we have 4,000 clients,” Boyd said.

In the beginning, the office was located at 2 Revere St. and Boyd’s desk consisted of a coffee table raised up with telephone books. His secretary was his niece Kathy Flynn. Later he purchased Conway Insurance in 1993 located at 207 Hagman Road, where Boyd & Turner are located today.

Turner joined the family business in 1998.

Boyd & Turner, LLC offers most major insurance companies and New England mutual insurance companies and does is all with five employees. Boyd also spent the last few years at his agency in Amherst, N.H. He built the agency up from $1 million to $8 million in premiums.

“I’d like to think I did a great job, but now they are doing well for themselves so I decided to come back to my roots where I started,” Boyd said.

In his 32 years he said the business hasn’t really changed, but the use of automated systems has made it possible to process transactions faster.

Turner said in 2016 they had about 2,000 electronic transactions a year and now it’s up to 30,000 transactions which shows you what automation has accomplish. Prior to automation everything was done by hand.

Boyd & Turner LLC has had a complete renovation, including an ocean scene mural painted by local artist Mark Cedras. Boyd is also past president of the Rotary Club and past president of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Winthrop Yacht Club.

“The key to our business is that we’ve been on the cutting edge of technology,” Boyd said. “We also love Winthrop and are very much a part of the community.”

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