Ocean View Ave Pathway to be Updated for School Year

Thanks to the collaboration of the school department, the police department, and the DPW, there will be a new footpath for high school and middle school students to access just in time for the upcoming school year.

The updates will be made to the area that runs from Ocean View Avenue alongside the tennis courts, and out to the main entrance of the high school.

While the area that connects Ocean View Avenue to the school, has always been accessed in the past, it will now be an ADA compliant asphalt footpath extending from a new pedestrian ramp that is being installed by DPW.

The path, which runs alongside the tennis courts, leads to an existing pedestrian ramp at the main entrance of the school, safely guiding the students out and close to the front doors. The ramp will be accompanied by a wooden guardrail that will be installed on the parking lot side of the path to delineate the area and offer protection for students.

“We are happy to be working on this project with Police Chief Terence Delehanty’s collaboration in an effort to increase the safety and accessibility for the children and faculty that utilize this parking lot and those that pass through this area on their way to school,” said DPW Director, Steve Calla. “We felt it necessary to construct this footpath before the start of another school year to reduce the risk associated with this area.”

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