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The Winthrop Republican Town Committee resoundingly endorsed John Hugo for Congress in the 5th District at their July 11, meeting. John is one of the two GOP candidates qualified for the primary election on Sept. 4. The 5th District is comprised of 24 communities including Winthrop and Revere.

Hugo is a lifelong Massachusetts resident who bills himself as the “Working Class Candidate.” He believes in term limits for elected officials and pledges to serve only three terms. Hugo also believes in the value of the Constitution, the exceptionalism of the United States and he pledges to represent the values of the citizens of the 5th District. He will also fight illegal immigration.

The WRTC enthusiastically endorsed John due to his strong political platform. Mr. Hugo’s platform includes:

Saving Social Security

Never increase the national debt and work for a balanced budget amendment

Foster law and order while preserving civil rights

Focus on the common goals of all 5th District citizens and Americans

Protect citizens from governmental overreach and oversight and protecting American Civil Liberties

Committee Chairman Paul Caruccio stated, “John Hugo is an intelligent gentleman steeped in political knowledge. He will strive to strengthen the state and the country in all of his efforts. The 5th District will have a strong ally with John representing us in Congress.”

Hugo is likely to be the candidate to square off against Katherine Clarke in November. Clarke is noted as an extreme left leaning candidate. Clarke’s political behavior will often appear to be counter to traditional American values and goals.

To view John Hugo’s complete platform and his “story” go to You can visit and find more about the Winthrop Republican Town Committee on Facebook. Winthrop residents can contact the WRTC on Facebook to inquire about membership into the committee.

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