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Raise Funds for Fireworks

The annual fundraising for the Fourth of July fireworks has begun, according to Fire Chief Paul Flanagan, and yes, this year’s fireworks will be on the Fourth!

Donation can be sent to the Winthrop Fireworks Fund, 40 Pauline St., Winthrop, MA 02152



Nominations for the 2018 Winthrop High School Athletic Hall of Fame close on July 5. Nomination forms are available at the office of attorney Chris Tsiotos, 193 Winthrop Street.

The Induction Ceremony is set for Saturday, Oct. 20.


Police Explorers hold fundraiser

On Friday June 22, The Winthrop Police Explorer Post hosted a Fundraiser Night with a live band, pizza, snacks, raffles, and overall good fun. The band that night, “Just Kill Me Rico,” played very well and everyone ended up having a great time. The night was open to anyone who wanted to purchase a $20 ticket for general admission to the night. Since Lt. Paul DeLeo was retiring prior to the fundraiser, there was a big cake made for that night to celebrate his retirement. The raffles consisted of baskets of many different things, such as beach supplies, bath essentials, and pasta baskets. There were also posters of the Winthrop Police Explorers next to the raffles for anyone who was curious about our post and who is in it.

The Winthrop Police Explorers is a non-profit organization created by the Winthrop Police Department for any high school students ages 14-18 that have any interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

They learn how to do emergency first aid, proper interviewing stances, traffic stops, and a whole lot of other subjects related to law enforcement. Every year they go to a Massachusetts Conference to compete with the other explorer posts in the state and every two years, we go out to a National Conference and compete with different explorer posts from around the entire country. This year, in July, they are going out to a National Conference at Purdue University in Indiana. They are going to be there for around a week doing things not limited to the competition with the money that we are obtaining from fundraisers that we host.


Mass. Legislature announces comprehensive proposal

The Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Massachusetts State Senate announced a legislative proposal to raise the minimum wage; create a framework for paid family and medical leave for most workers; phase out time-and-a-half pay on Sundays; and establish a permanent sales tax holiday.

The legislation is based on months of negotiations with stakeholders sponsoring proposed ballot questions for the November 2018 election. It is scheduled to come to the House and Senate floors on Wednesday.

“This compromise strikes the right balance of empowering employees, supporting our hardworking residents and ensuring that businesses can continue to provide good, steady jobs,” said House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo (D-Winthrop). “I sincerely thank the stakeholders who came to the table and the legislators who brokered this compromise.”

“I thank Speaker DeLeo and Chairman Brodeur for proposing a strong compromise bill that will be beneficial to consumers, employees, as well as small business owners,” said State Rep. RoseLee Vincent.  “I believe the legislation enacted by the House and Senate strikes a good balance for all parties, and I was happy to cast my vote in support.”

Among other initiatives, this legislative proposal does the following:

  • Creates a permanent sales tax holiday, beginning in 2019;
  •  Increases the minimum wage to $15 over the next five years;
  •  Increases the tip wage to $6.75 over the next five years;
  • Phases out premium pay on Sundays and holidays over the next five years;
  • Establishes a Department of Family and Medical Leave within the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development;
  • Creates a framework for family leave of 12 weeks; family leave for the care of a service member of 26 weeks; and medical leave for up to 20 weeks; and
  • Exempts small businesses from financial contribution to the paid family and medical leave fund.

The proposal leaves the sales tax unchanged, and does not impose a teen sub-minimum wage.


Father Boafo of the Holy Rosary Parish reassigned to Quincy Collab. of St. John and St. Joseph

Over 100 parishioners, friends, and colleagues from Massachusetts General Hospital ICU and MGH Chaplaincy Department, turned out to celebrate Father Joseph Boafo as he ended his tenure at the Holy Rosary parish in Winthrop.

Father Joseph, who has been in residency at Holy Rosary for the last eight years, has operated under the direction and support of Holy Rosary administrator, Father Tom DiLorenzo.   Father Joseph also has been on staff at MGH as Chaplain for the past five years, and for the past year and a half, Father Joseph has been the celebrant of First Friday Mass as seen on Boston Catholic TV, and will continue to celebrate First Friday mass broadcast on the first Friday of every month.

To celebrate Father Joseph and his service were Father Ulrick from Haiti, Father Sebastian, from India and in residence at the Carmelite Chapel at the North Shore Mall,  Father Matthew Williams, formerly of the Seaport District Our Lady of Good Voyage Church and newly appointed pastor of the Quincy Collaborative of Saint John and St. Joseph, as well as our own beloved Father Tom.  The celebration was held at the Point Shirley Association Hall on June 16 after the 5:30 p.m. mass and healing services amongst a spirit of happiness and gratitude created by ambient twinkling lights, great food, dancing and music to send off Father Joseph to his new assignment.  A wonderful evening was had by all. Thank you to the party committee of Sandra Hurley, Betty Manning and Leslie Manson-Hing.



The Airport Noise Line is available for residents who feel that there is more noise from aircraft than is normal. Residents are urged to call 617-561-3333 anytime.

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