DPW Crews Wake the Neighborhood

Down in the town center it was one of the first warm, and a bit muggy, nights of the upcoming summer season, and many area residents opted to sleep with their windows open – until they were awakened by a leaf blower at 1:50 a.m.
Police received a call at 1:50 a.m. complaining about the noise being made by the Department of Public Works employees using leaf blowers. The caller stated that the noise had been going on for over an hour and that her children were also awakened by the noise.
Another call came in about a man using a leaf blower at Bank of America. The second party stated that he had gone to the La Siesta Restaurant.
According to the police log narrative, the DPW assistant was contacted and told the call taker that the work would be going on until 5 a.m. While the work continued to be done, a call was made to the deputy police chief who said he was unaware of the scheduled work, but that he could also not stop them.
One resident, Alan Ferullo, said crews were on Woodside, French Square and Cottage Park.
“It’s insane working at this hour,” he said.
Director of Public Works Steve Calla said this is how the crews have cleaned the center every year. It is done at night when there are no cars parked.
“It was posted,” Calla said.
Precinct 5 Councilor Peter Christopher said while he appreciates the effort to clean up the Center, it’s also clear he’d like to see a less intrusive way in the future.
“I plan on meeting with Director Calla to address the concerns of the neighborhood and see this doesn’t happen in the future,” Christopher said.

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