Campaign Spending Tops $35K

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

At least one candidate in Winthrop spent over $35,000 to run for office, specifically to run for Town Council president.

Jeff Turco, a lawyer who did serve as council president, raised raised $41,130 and spent $37,516.

Major contributors to the Turco campaign include Blair and Peter Brown, of Swampscott, each giving $1,000; Tirupathi Chandrapur (Collaborate Solutions) of Shrewsbury; Shawn Cluen (Winthrop Taxi) of Revere; Gerry and Michelle D’Ambrosio (attorney) of Boxford; Peter Dunn (attorney Casner & Edwards) of South Boston; John Jordan of Georgetown;  Richard Vincent of Revere; Todd Sacco of Winthrop; Carole and Gerald Sneirson (New Chelsea realty) of Swampscott; and Turco loaned himself $12,000.

Ron Vecchia, School Committee member and Council President candidate, raised $14,296 and spent $7,965 so far. He had one $1,000 contributor, Augustus Martucci, a Winthrop businessman. The bulk of the donations ranged from $100 to $500 from donors such as John Anderson of Winthrop, School Committee member Tino Capabianco,  Arthur LoConte also donated $500.   Former council president Peter Gill donated $100, as did Councilor Nick Delvento and his wife Catherine.  each donated. Former council president Tom Reilly donated $100. Mary Alice Sharkey of Winthrop donated $455.

For the race in 2015 for Council President, winner Robert Driscoll Jr. raised $9,474 and spent $6,733.

In 2017, on the spending side, Turco spent $37,516 with over $20,000 going to CK Strategies, a Boston consulting, mailing and printing firm.

Vecchia spent $7,965 to run his campaign, with $2,087 spent on signs and $1,333 spent for a campaign gathering at JW’s.

Jen Powell, running for School Committee raised $1,015 and spent $667.

In the run for other offices: Nick LoConte, running unopposed for Precinct 3 on the Town Council raised and spent no funds on his election. James Fabiano also raised and spent no funds running for School Committee. Peter Gill, running for housing authority, also raised nor spent any funds on his campaign.

Michael Lucerto, running for councillor-at-large, raised $8,401 and spent $4,743. He received a $500 donation from Winthrop resident Margaret Carr, and $1,000 each from Sarah and Michael Lucerto and Paul and Maryann Lucerto. For the Precinct 1 Town Council seat Mike McDuffee raised $1,800 and spent $1,363. In the Precinct 5 race, Peter Christopher raised $7,280 and spent $3,831.

Rob DeMarco, running for councilor at large, raised $4,182 and spent $2,519. He did receive a $500 donation from Joseph Centrella owner of the Autumn Group in Wyndham, NH.

Candidates were to submit their campaign finance reports eight days before the election and are to report again 30 days after the election. All reports are on the Town Clerk’s website at

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