Koutalakis Announces for Precinct 5 Seat

Friday, October 6, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Steve Koutalakis has announced to run for the Town Council Precinct 5 seat.  The following is his statement:

“I am asking to be your choice as the new member of the Town Council Precinct 5.”

My wife, Amanda, a lifelong resident of Precinct 5, and I own and operate Sandy Paws, a business in the Center Business District and we live on Bartlett Road.  I am a Mechanical Engineer and I work for a Construction Management company which specializes in building schools and renovating public buildings.

On a personal note I am a boat owner and a fisherman. so I feel so fortunate to live in a community surrounded with seven miles of shoreline as well as five marinas and a boat ramp with easy access to the Atlantic Ocean.  Oh yes, we have two dogs, Finn and Nori who also enjoy boating.

What is my vision for Precinct 5 and the town at large?  First, in the Precinct we must address a failing infrastructure with vacant buildings and negative growth.  Rezoning and a newly adopted Master Plan/Vision study has generated new growth potential for the Precinct which can bring in millions of additional yearly revenue to the town. I believe that this plan provides a strong statement that the town need to fix our infrastructure, our pipes, streets, sidewalks, and even revisiting our transportation needs if we want to advance development.  My vision is a revitalized center which will help the existing business grow and bring in new business while remaining respectful to the residents and preserve the history of French Square.

As part of this revitalization we need to appreciate what the current residents and business owners have had to endure over the last few decades as they are the ones who in spite of this failing infrastructure have remained loyal and still in business. What we have witnessed with the traffic pilot study is that Town Hall and the Town Council do not have a plan and they do not communicate with abutters. I will make it my point to have a comprehensive plan going forward and to fully communicate to all business owners and residents prior to any changes with Hagman Rd., changing traffic patterns, i.e. closing Hagman Rd, reversing Adams St. and any upcoming construction activities. This is the reason why Precinct 5 needs strong leadership on the Council and not someone appointed by a majority of Council members.

My vision for the increased revenue is that a portion of it be used by to fully fund our school system.  Although the current town charter allows this revenue to be deposited directly into the general fund I will work to make sure it’s properly accounted for and would not be used on subsidizing non-sustainable programs.  I support funding for our schools, new streets and sidewalks, and that our parks are maintained and sustainable. Our goal should be that Winthrop should look as good in the future as it does now.

I look forward to and respect any input that you may wish to offer. I plan to meet as many of you as possible and listen to your ideas.  In the meantime you can reach me at [email protected] or on Facebook @stevekoutalakistowncouncil.

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