Home Grown:DeMarco Begins Campaign for Winthrop Councillor-At-Large

Robert DeMarco, a lifelong Winthrop resident, has announced his candidacy for a councillor-at-large position on the Winthrop Town Council.

DeMarco is the son of Winthrop High baseball coach Frank DeMarco and Rosemarie DeMarco. He is married to Karen (Prunier) DeMarco. He has an older sister, Julie Barry, and a younger brother, Andrew DeMarco. He is a 1994 graduate of Winthrop High School where he was a member of back-to-back Super Bowl teams in 1992 and 1993.  He has chosen the Blue and Gold colors of the Vikings for his campaign signs.

DeMarco, 40, said one of his top priorities if elected would be to assist businesses in making it easier for them to operate in the town.

“I would like to work with the business owners to see what we can do as a community to promote small business and help them thrive,” said DeMarco. “Currently the lack of parking and the closure of Hagman Road have put a significant burden on businesses in Winthrop Center. I think everybody agrees that the center needs to be revitalized, but every day that road is closed it hurts businesses.”

DeMarco, who has a daughter, Hailey, 7, a second grader at the Fort Banks/Gorman School, and a daughter, Ella, who will begin kindergarten next year, praised the teachers in the Winthrop public schools.

“My own experience as a parent of a student in the Winthrop school system has been outstanding,” said DeMarco. “The teachers and the school administration have been incredible and I would like to work with the School Committee to give them the resources they need to provide a quality educational experience for all students.”

DeMarco said he would work with CASA to continue to raise awareness about the growing opioid problem in the town. “The recent hiring of recovery coaches by the town of Winthrop is a great step in dealing with this important issue.”

DeMarco is looking forward to speaking with residents and promises to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their viewpoint.

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