The Speaker Was “On the Record”

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo was back in front of the television cameras once again on the popular show, On The Record, Sunday morning, discussing the issues with  Ed Harding and Janet Wu. The Speaker was his usually knowledgeable and personable self, responding directly to questions from the co-hosts about the recent actions he has taken in leading the 160-member House of Representatives.

The Speaker also excelled once again in the “Pop Quiz” portion of the interview, although there were no sports questions — perhaps Ed Harding has learned that you cannot stump Bob on any question relating to Boston sports.

It was mentioned during the show that the Speaker has not yet received the high honor of throwing out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game and we feel that Bob would be deserving choice for that assignment. Bob has been a Sox fan since his youth, he coached in the Winthrop Little League, and has been so supportive of high school¬† baseball — not to mention his incredible support of all Winthrop High sports.

So it was another television appearance for the Speaker, who was coming off a superlative performance on TV at the annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast in South Boston.

Speaker DeLeo is making us proud in his powerful position on Beacon Hill and looking out for the best interests of his district each day on the job.

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