Congratulations,John Macero

We join the Winthrop community in congratulating our Supt. of Schools John Macero on his appointment as the new superintendent of the Stoneham public schools. John was selected from a large field of candidates and there are many reasons why he impressed the Stoneham selection committee.

John is a professional educator and administrator in every sense of the word. He puts so much effort and dedication into every facet of his job with the goal of making sure that all students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, obtain the maximum educational experience in the schools. He also was supportive and accessible to the Winthrop School Building Assistance Committee as its members directed the town through the process that led to the construction of our beautiful, state-of-the-art, $82 million middle/high school.

There is no question that the favorable vote by the town’s taxpayers to build a new school was a tribute to John, our school administrators, and our teachers. It was a sure sign that townspeople had confidence in their ability to provide even greater opportunities for our students to excel in a new school facility.

John takes great pride in the achievements of the students in the Winthrop schools, especially when a senior is accepted into college. He has been a fixture at Winthrop football games at Miller Field and at other athletic events. In addition, being a man of the arts who has appeared in major productions on stage, John had a special appreciation for the dramatic arts. Many of the students were introduced to the joy of acting and singing by John’s wife, Trudy, at her phenomenal Winthrop School of Performing Arts.

John Macero will go down in town annals as one of the most outstanding school superintendents in our history. We admire the dignified manner in which he has led our school system. As John winds down his tenure in Winthrop, we hope that parents and students will approach John and thank him for all he has done to elevate our school system to excellence.

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