Enjoy the Game with Respect and Dignity

With the traditional Winthrop-Revere football game set for Thanksgiving Day and a large crowd expected for what promises to be an evenly-matched and exciting battle, we wish to remind all fans and players alike that it is their obligation to behave in a courteous, respectful, and dignified manner at all times.

On two occasions in the long history between these two archrivals, the schools ceased the rivalry because of melees that broke out on the field among the players and in the stands among their partisans.

It is the duty of every boy on the gridiron not only to play hard, but also to be respectful of one’s opponents. This means no cheap shots and no trash-talking — let your performance speak for itself. (And if a player does act in an unsportsmanlike manner, this newspaper will not hesitate to call him out for it in our reporting of the game.)

As for the fans, please keep in mind that these are 15, 16, and 17 year-old boys. By all means, cheer on your team loudly and proudly — but there is no excuse or reason of any kind for rude, crude, and crass behavior toward anybody, whether on or off the field, inside the football stadium.

Everyone at the game must realize that we are representing our school and our community. We owe it to ourselves, as well as to those who came before us and who will come after us, to enjoy the game and recognize the hard work, effort, commitment, and performances of both teams.

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