Maguire Named To Board Of Health

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Board of Health member Susan Maguire

Board of Health member
Susan Maguire

It’s only natural that someone with a background in health would want to serve on the Board of Health and that’s what Prospect Road resident Susan Maguire is doing, replacing former board member Tracy Honan who has resigned.

“I’d like to improve the quality of life for the residents of Winthrop,” Maguire said.

With a background in nursing, Maguire, who is retired, has spent years working for the State Department of Welfare and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, office of Medicaid. But when it comes to the Winthrop Board of Health Maguire’s primary concern is battling the opioid crisis. Further study the demographics of the town and see where additional support is needed. “We have higher rates of asthma and COPD.”

The three-year term on the Board of Health allows Maguire to tap into her skills.

“The opioid crisis is at the top of my list,” Maguire said, adding that she would like to look into access to treatment centers that use suboxone as a treatment. Other areas she is concerned about include smoking cessation programs, wellness and prevention, obesity, more 12-step meetings in Winthrop, and determining if senior citizens are having their needs met.

When it comes to the opioid crisis, Maguire believes collaboration with organizations like CASA are the key. In her work for the state Maguire saw the abuse of medications and the effects of overdoses and alcohol taking away the lives of people in the prime of their life. She is pleased with the state law limiting prescriptions of medicines like oxycodone to a 7-day supply.

“We all learn from each other collectively and it has become of family disease,” Maguire said.

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