Winthrop Voters are Bellwethers for Democratic Primary Results

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Winthrop voters who  came out for the September 8 Primary decided a few races on the Democratic ballot. Ballots for the Republican, Green-Rainbow Party, United Independent Party had no candidates listed, although voters could have chosen a ballot and could have written-in candidates..

For Representative in Congress Fifth District 809 voters backed Katherine Clark in an uncontested race.

In the Councillor for Sixth District Terrence Kennedy received 595 votes with Stephen Borelli garnering 240 votes and Richard DiMeo got 113 votes in Winthrop. Kennedy went to capture 75% of the District votes cast to win with 31,674 votes; Borelli garnered 7,581 votes and DiMeo garnered 2,925 votes.

State Senator Joseph Boncore earned 918 votes in an uncontested race.

State Rep. (Speaker of the House) Robert DeLeo garnered 920 votes in an uncontested.

In the race for Sheriff for Suffolk Country Steven Tompkins took 615 votes and challenger Alex Rhalami garnered 429 votes in Winthrop. Tompkins went on to win the Suffolk County seat with 24,764 votes and Rhalami garnered 7,440.

In the race to fill a vacant on the Register of Deeds for Suffolk County Stephen Murphy topped the ticket with 370 votes, followed by challengers Douglas Bennett, 53; Stephanie Everett, 73; Katherine Forde, 279; Michael Mackan, 28; Paul Nutting Jr., 106; and Jeff Ross with 94 in Winthrop. District wide Murphy topped the field with 10,995 votes followed by Forde with 9,165; Everett with 3,902; Bennet with 3,310; Ross with 3,593; Nutting with 2,736 and Mackan with 817.

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