Ferry Ridership Increasing

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Winthrop Ferry has been doing well. A tourism video has been created showing a couple with bicycles leaving Rowe’s Wharf. When they arrive in Winthrop after 20 minutes on the ferry, they get on their bikes and drive around the bike path at Deer Island. Also shown are several sights of the living by the water as well as the the Deane Winthrop House and several award winning restaurants.

Town Manager James McKenna said the ferry video was made by Pamela Aronoff an Evlyn Ordonario.

McKenna said the ferry is moving in the right direction. He said acquiring the Quincy stop was key. Ticket sales have been good. From April 19 to May 5 there were 544 tickets sold. From May 6 to July 31 there  were 2,350 tickets sold and from August 1 to Sept. 6 there were 2,263 tickets sold.

“The vessel is challenging and runs well in the water but had an  issue,” McKenna said. “There was one day it didn’t run because of an issue. We’re talking about a way we can taken the burden off of one vessel. We have some thinking to do.”

He added that “we need to grow our business more.”

The Winthrop to Rowes Wharf leg of the trip in a day is the most popular with 46 percent of ridership taking this journey and bringing in $16,550. The Rowes Wharf to Winthrop leg is the second most popular with 24 percent of the ridership bringing in $8,662. Since April 19, revenue collected totals $37,999.

“We show good strong growth. We still have to get to break even, but we’re very close,” McKenna said.

In other business:

McKenna also said the Miller Field project had a little hiccup when it was visited by officials from the SBAB (School Building Assistance Board). He said he’d like to form a new committee for the field project. He added that they met with the Vocational School and see if they can work with a different schedule. He added that work will begin in the fall to move the tennis courts to Ingleside Park as well as the hockey court.

The Town Council voted to appoint several people – Keith Hershenson, Constable; Michael Abboud, Constable; Nicholas Bracy, Board of License; Julie Wallerce, Transportation Committee; and Kimberly Wood, Parks Committee.

The council voted to approve $8,000 to bait for rats at derelict properties. Officials have found rats around town due to the drought and these properties will be baited by the Health Department.

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