DCR Seeks Local Feedback On View of Winthrop Beach

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Residents interested in expressing their opinion about the state of Winthrop Beach have until Oct. 23 to send a letter to the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Town Manager James McKenna said he was disappointed with the DCR presentation on Sept. 28.

“It was more of a presentation than an explanation,” he said. “(DCR) still has an obligation to the Town to provide storm protection and recreation. I’ve yet to hear aboutnext steps.”

Precinct 2 Councilor James Letterie said the representatives from DCR treated the residents with disrespect and  were argumentative.

“We were promised a sandy beach,” Letterie said. “The citizens deserve more.”

Council President Peter Gill said some citizens were pleased with the work on Winthrop Beach because of the protection the “cobbles” offer.

The summer has come and gone and the rocks on Winthrop Beach have settled in. The issue began after the snow melted in the spring. The $25 million renourishment and restoration project was supposed to reduce the flooding caused by rough waters splashing onto Winthrop Beach Drive. The DCR shipped in loads and loads of sand and “cobbles” (small rocks). But when the summer came the majority of the beach was covered in rocks, upsetting many people who recall a beautiful sandy beach.

People wishing to voice their concerns about the Winthrop Beach Project to the DCR have until Oct. 23. For email send to DCR [email protected] The mailing address is DCR Office of Public Outreach, 251 Causeway St. 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02114. You may view the Sept. 28 DCR meeting from WCAT on You Tube.

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