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Councilor proposes Winthrop Studies Day

Dear Editor:

As the winter of 2016 winds down, superintendents and districts around the State are beginning to consider the need for additional school days to make up for time lost this winter to snow.  In some cases those days will be added in June.  In light of the fact that these days may come after final MCAS exams, I would like to ask the Winthrop School Committee to consider using a make-up day in June for a Winthrop Studies Day. I would like to see this as a permanent part of the curriculum for all grades in the Town.

During this day students could be studying all things Winthrop.  This would include but not be confined to Walk Winthrop, The Deanne Winthrop House,  other historical sites in Town to include the Narrow Gauge and Town Hall.  Also included could be a Belle Isle Marsh visit and lecture, a ferry ride, talks by the Speaker and Senator, a MWRA Tour, Massport discussion and historical visits to the other locations in Town such as the Heritage Room, Frost Library exhibits, old forts and Shirley Gut.  Our Town is a wonderful place with many historical sites and activities available to us and our younger citizens should experience them.

 As this day would encompass all grades, added to this could be Outbound type experiences.  Included could be a ropes course or other associated team building and outdoor activity.  It could finish off with a school wide event at the field which hopefully could be a sponsored BBQ or other end of the day activity such as a lobster bake complete with music from Music Matters or the school band.  Given the fact that MCAS would be completed and education classes are winding down, this day of events could help to build pride in the community while offering students an insight into the community we call home.

I hope other citizens will reach out to the members of the School Committee and Administration to offer their own thoughts so that in the future students of Winthrop can better understand and appreciate the place we call home.

Craig G. Mael

Town Council

Vice President

Precinct 4

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