Antique Table Trattoria Combines Atmosphere and Good Italian Food

Antique Table Trattoria executive chef and owner Abraham Gallego (center) is pictured inside the kitchen of the new restaurant with culinary staff, Daniel, Jonathan, Carlos, and Natalia.

Antique Table Trattoria executive chef and owner Abraham Gallego (center) is pictured inside the kitchen of the new restaurant with culinary staff, Daniel, Jonathan, Carlos, and Natalia.

Many Winthrop residents have been visiting the town’s newest restaurant, Antique Table Trattoria, to get a taste of Italy and simple Italian cuisine and to experience its classic, charming atmosphere.

“When people come in here, they just love the antique feeling of it – they feel like they’re in Italy,” said Oscar Guerrero, manager of the restaurant. “It is a very warm feeling. We try to mirror the trattoria experience of old-fashioned Italy. We want people to enjoy a nice dinner as if they were in Italy.”

Executive chef and co-owner Abraham Gallego along with owners Carlos Soto and Mario Perez,has brought his award-winning culinary talents to the town following up on the success of the Antique Table restaurant in Lynn that opened in 2009.

“The popularity that we’ve experienced at the Antique Table in Lynn inspired us to open a new restaurant in Winthrop,” said Guerrero. “Also Abraham is well liked in this community and he has developed a following . Abraham also lives in Winthrop.”

“I love Winthrop,” said Gallego, who has lived here for 15 years. “The people are friendly and nice.”

Guerrero said customers have been raving about the fresh, homemade gnocchis (soft dough dumplings) and raviolis that are made in house.

The Angus beef filet mignon, made with a lobster covering, has emerged as one of the most popular and requested dishes. Also generating a buzz are the veal and chicken parmagiana dishes made with Antique Table’s homemade marinara sauce and served over pasta.

The dining experience begins with a helping of delicious bread. “People come here and ask for our Italian bread (focaccia). We have a special extra virgin oil with a little basil and we sprinkle parmesan and romano cheeses  on top of the oil.”

The soups (minestrone and chicken vegetable) and chowders are made to order. “Nothing is pre-cooked,” said Guerrero. “When a customer orders a soup, we start from scratch. Every time we sell a soup or a chowder, people love it and ask for it on their next visit. The soups are done with fresh ingredients. Everything is fresh.”

Most diners start with a Caesar or caprese (tomato) salad. “For the Caesar, instead of having traditional croutons, we use crostinis with garlic. For the caprese, we have the best, ripe tomatoes that are picked on a daily basis,” said Guerrero. “We also have a house salad with balsamic vinaigrette as well.”

Gallego likes to complement the traditional dishes with bi-weekly specials based on the season. One of the special experiences for diners is when Gallego personally delivers his exquisite creations directly to diners at their table.

The executive chef is proud that diners have followed him to his different restaurants and are now traveling to Winthrop from other communities. “Everybody likes our food,” said Gallego.

But Guerrero says it’s the extra effort that Gallego puts in to every single meal that sets him apart.

“It’s Abraham’s passion. He cares about each plate that comes out of his kitchen. His presentation is excellent. He has to make sure that the meat is placed perfectly on each plate. Abraham takes a lot of pride in what he does and that’s why we’re successful.” Diners can also compliment their dinner with a glass or bottle from our fine selection of wine or other beverage from our full service bar and finish it with a delicious  dessert with a cup of coffee, expresso or cupuccino.

Guerrero also credited town officials for their work in building the new parking lot across the street from the restaurant. “Our guests appreciate the free parking.” Antique Table is open for lunch and Dinner 7 days a week ,take out is also available they are located at 19 Crest Ave, Winthop,MA. Reservations are accepted for 3 or more, you can reach them  at 617-207-9054. All major credit cards are accepted.

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