WHS Golf Team Begins Practice On Aug. 24

The Winthrop High School golf team will begin practice for the 2014 season on Wednesday, Aug. 27 at the Winthrop Golf Club.

Head coach Peter Lyons said that returning players and new players are welcomed to attend the opening session.

The Vikings are coming off a successful season in which they qualified for the State Tournament and finished fourth in the North Sectionals. Michael Rich, the team’s No. 1 player last season and the captain, qualified for the Division 3 state final.

“That was out best finish ever as a team,” said Lyons, who is a longtime member of the Winthrop Golf Club.

Cody Boudrow, Mark Ferullo, and Jack Wallace will also be among the top players on the team.

Lyons expects the Vikings to challenge for a state tournament berth once again.

“With Michael [Rich] with leading the team and our other players preparing well and working hard in preseason practices, I think we’ll be very competitive,” said Lyons.

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