Speaker DeLeo in Lynn

We were at St. Mary’s High School in Lynn Monday morning for Speaker Robert A. DeLeo’s address to the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce. Bob’s reception in Lynn was, in a word, tremendous, from the moment he entered the school library where the event was held to long after he had delivered his remarks. Business owners and public officials wanted a photo taken with Bob or wanted to get some one-on-one time to discuss an important issue — and Bob, being a man of the people, obliged all of the requests.

The Speaker warmed up the crowd with some thoughts about being from Winthrop and, “St. Mary’s taking our basketball coach [David Brown]”. And of course, Bob, being a great sports fan, knew that it was St. Mary’s girls basketball and its fine coach, Jeff Newhall (who greeted the Speaker warmly), who ended the Lady Vikings’ season in March at the Tsongas Center. He also noted the presence in the audience of Winthrop High graduate Steve Solomon, one of the sponsors of the Chamber breakfast.

The Speaker delivered an informative address about the 2015 state budget, local aid, education, economic development, substance abuse programs, and Lynn’s No. 1 employer, General Electric.

It’s always enjoyable to see Bob outside Winthrop in his powerful position as Speaker of the House and the majestic reaction that his presence at such an event generates. Bob has handled the celebrity of being Speaker very well, but we know that in his heart, Winthrop will always be his favorite place to be.

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