Playhouse Is for Sale: Playmakers Plan to Sell Building on Hermon Street

Playmakers' President Pam Racicot in front of the Winthrop Playhouse on Hermon Street.

Playmakers’ President Pam
Racicot in front of the Winthrop
Playhouse on Hermon

The Winthrop Playmakers, the local theater group with a 75-year history in the town, have begun the process of selling their building on Hermon Street.

Pam Racicot, who will assume the presidency of the Playmakers on May 1, said the membership voted by 42-2 margin at an emergency meeting to sell the building, which is known as the Winthrop Playhouse.

Racicot made it clear that although the group is selling the building, the Playmakers will continue to operate in the town and will hold plays and shows.

Explaining the decision to sell, Racicot indicated that “income had been going down drastically over the last several years, attendance has gone way down, and there are serious repairs that need to be done to the building.”

Repairs are need for the plumbing system and the rebuilding of the chimney, along with the installation of a sprinkler system.

“The building was constructed in the 1890s  – it’s a very old building,” said Racicot.

Racicot said it was “a very difficult decision” to sell the building which was originally the home of the Winthrop Baptist Church.

“I’ve been a member there since 1973,” said Racicot. “I was a member when we bought the building. It breaks my heart that it has to be sold, but unless we have a huge influx of cash, it’s crazy to continue along throwing money out the window, so to speak.”

Racicot said the group has begun advertising that the building is for sale.

“None of us want to see the building sold, but it seems to be the most efficient thing to do right now,” said Racicot. “However there is a great deal of enthusiasm to continue the organization. Just because there’s no building does not mean there will not be a Winthrop Playmakers.”

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