The Massachusetts Early Childhood Educators Union Bill.

W1Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo (left) and Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Chairman of the Public Service Committee, visited Mrs. Marley’s Nursery in Winthrop. They are shown  with Tom Gosnell (far right) , president of the AFTMA and the children of Mrs. Marley’s Nursery.

Elaine Marley has been providing child care in Winthrop for 45 years and currently works at the center with her daughter, Susan McLaughlin. Speaker DeLeo sent his own children to the center more than 20 years ago. Speaker DeLeo and Rep. Aaron Michlewitz’s visit included a discussion with faculty members on the importance of early childhood education and the Massachusetts Early Childhood Educators Union (MECEU) bill.

The MECEU bill would form a provider’s organization for educators in early childcare centers. The legislation would give early educators the opportunity to negotiate with the state on issues such as professional development, training, and conditions affecting recruitment and retention.

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