Council to Look at Snow and Ice Budget

The Winthrop Town Council will meet tonight (Thursday) at 7 p.m. at the Harvey Meeting Room at Town Hall. The meeting was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but was postponed due to the snowstorm.

Council President Peter Gill said the Council will consider authorizing an appropriation for the DPW snow and ice removal budget.

“We’re going to have make a transfer to supplement the original budget,” said Gill, noting that three storms to-date have depleted the budget.

Also on tonight’s agenda is the relocation of voting polls for the 2014 elections in the town.

“Because of the new school construction, there is a proposal to move the polls for Precinct 1, 2, and 5 voters from the Middle School to the Cummings School,” explained Gill. “That’s the proposal we’ll be considering.”

The Council will also consider a resident parking sticker program for Winthrop residents who drive company vehicles.

“If you live in Winthrop and drive a company vehicle, you cannot currently receive a resident parking sticker,” said Gill. “Let’s say a Winthrop resident works at the airport and one of the airlines gives them a company car, that company car isn’t registered in Winthrop so even though they are a resident, they can’t get a parking sticker. What we want the Council to consider is to make revisions for those residents who drive company vehicles so they may be able to obtain resident parking stickers.”

Gill will likely announce during the public relations/upcoming portion of the meeting that the Winthrop High girls ice hockey team has a huge game Saturday night at Larsen Rink against reigning Division 1 state champion St. Mary’s High School. A large crowd is expected to attend the game.

Gill’s granddaughter, freshman Gretchen Gill, is the star goaltender for the Winthrop contingent who has a tremendous record.

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