Busy Agenda: Town Manager Evaluation, Town Clerk Reappointment Set for Council Meeting

The Town Council will return to work Tuesday night with a busy agenda set for its first regularly scheduled meeting.

The council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month but because July 29 was the fifth Tuesday of the month, the council did not meet this week.

Among the items are the annual reviews of the performances of Town Manager James McKenna, Town Clerk Carla Vitale, and Council Clerk Denise Quist. The Council will also vote on reappointing Vitale to a three-year term.

Council President Peter Gill said he gave high marks to McKenna in the categories in which councilors are asked to evaluate the town manager’s performance over the past year.

“I think Mr. McKenna is doing a great job,” said Gill. “I’ve enjoyed working with him and I’m looking forward to another two years to continue on the things we’ve started.”

Councilor James Letterie, chairman of the committee on committees, has received the evaluations from each councilor and will summarize his colleagues’ comments in a report to the Council.

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