Turco in Race?: Former Council President May Run

Certainly the news that is creating the most buzz in town these days is word that former Town Council President Jeffrey Turco is considering a run for the position in the November election. Turco served as president of the Council for two years and as an incumbent who had done many positive things during his tenure, it was regarded as an upset when Peter Gill defeated him in one of the most exciting town elections in recent memory.

Turco brought a new and vigorous style to the most powerful position in town government and his effort to extend the contract of Town Manager James McKenna was one of many bold decisions that has paid big dividends.

Peter Gill has already announced his intention to run for re-election and he is rightly proud of his and the Council’s many accomplishments during his term as president. His Parks Committee proposal will lead to a newly-renovated Pico Park this summer. The new schools proposal has advanced steadily and will be placed before the voters in the near-future.

Winthrop residents will benefit by having two strong and established candidates who are willing to debate the issues and who in the last election offered varying approaches to how the town should move forward.

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