Winthrop Restaurants Aid Relief Efforts

After Boston was devastated by a horrific bombing at the finish line of the 117th marathon, Kate Economides of Blackstrap BBQ felt she had to do something to help. Tuesday morning, Kate called her friend Wendy Millar-Page to help mobilize bringing lunch into Boston.

The plan was to serve the multitude of police, fire, EMS and special operation teams to help the heroes that help us.  Blackstrap BBQ, Paesans, Nick’s Place and Paul W. Marks Co. made donations of pulled-pork sandwiches, pizza, organic beef sticks, yogurt, and water.  Kate and Wendy were directed to Exeter Street where they set up behind barricades to serve hungry and tired workers. They provided lunch on Tuesday for 150 of Boston’s first responders, who were grateful for a moment to stop, eat, share and rest.

“This is another example of the tremendous generosity of our businesses,” said Eric Gaynor, Executive Director of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce.  “They are always giving back in so many ways.”


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