Great Tribute to Harney

That was certainly an emotional moment at the Winthrop High football banquet when head coach Sean Driscoll announced the creation of an award in memory of Dr. Robert Harney, the beloved team doctor who did so much to help so many Winthrop athletes in their careers. Dr. Harney was a fixture on the Winthrop sidelines for years and Coach Driscoll articulated well the level of respect and admiration that Doc Harney earned from everyone associated with Winthrop High athletics.

Driscoll said the award will be one of the most important that the coaches will present each year at the banquet. This year’s award recipient, senior David Capone, was an outstanding one and embodies the great qualities that Dr. Harney stood for in his distinguished career in medicine. Having Mrs. Andrea Harney present for the award presentation served to magnify the moment and the significance of this major honor.

Dr. Robert Harney’s contributions to this town and its sports programs will never be forgotten.

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