Warren Receives Warm Welcome in Quest to Become US Senator

Elizabeth Warren, candidate for U.S. Senate, waves to the large crowd that attended the rally at the Democratic campaign headquarters in Winthrop Center. At right is Massachusetts Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo.

A large and enthusiastic crowd of more than 150 people attended a rally for Elizabeth Warren Sunday at the Democratic campaign headquarters in Winthrop Center.

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo led the speaking program and spirited support of Warren, who is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate seat in the November 6 election. Warren’s opponent in the election is U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli and State Rep. Kathi Anne Reinstein joined Winthrop’s volunteer campaign leader Donna Segreti Reilly and Town Democratic Committee Chairwoman Kathy DelVento in welcoming Warren to the town.

Petruccelli offered his support of Warren at the rally.

“We need someone not only with the knowledge but with the gumption to take on the big banks and Wall Street and we know that Elizabeth Warren has done it,” said Petruccelli. “That is a clear difference about where we’re going in this election and that’s why my family supports Elizabeth Warren for Senate and I hope you all do, too as well.”

DeLeo gave his wholehearted endorsement of Warren in his introductory remarks.

“And now the person that you’ve all come here to see here today,” said DeLeo. “I had the great opportunity to meet Elizabeth at a Labor Day breakfast one year ago and she immediately impressed me as the type of person that we really need in Washington. The biggest thing I found about Elizabeth that she’s a person of conviction – she stands for something.

“She’s a good person. She’s a kind person. She cares for people – that was the most important attribute that I liked about Elizabeth Warren.”

After praising her performance in the debates, DeLeo said, “She is the most wonderful candidate that we could have in the United States Senate.”

DeLeo then rallied the supporters in the crowded room. “We’re going to need people each and every day to work for Elizabeth Warren and the Democratic ticket. This is the most important election in my memory. And it’s important that we get this lady in to Washington to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate.”

Warren smiled as the crowd responded with hearty applause.

“I’ll admit it – I love being in Winthrop,” said Warren, who thanked Speaker DeLeo for allowing her campaign to use the Democratic headquarters in Winthrop Center.

“He [DeLeo] is a great leader and if I can do one tenth in Washington of what the Speaker has done here in Massachusetts, I will be a successful woman,” added Warren.

Warren said that Democrats “have a real vision and the vision is everybody pays a fair share, even billionaires, even oil companies – everybody pays a fair share and together we make those investments in the future. We make those investments in our kids. We invest in education. We invest in roads and bridges and harbors and power.

“Why? So we can have businesses here in this country, here in this Commonwealth. We believe in building a future together. And that’s what this race is fundamentally about – their vision versus our vision. An America for a thin slice at the top or an America for working people.”

Warren said people had told her the Senate campaign would test her toughness and resolve.

“It’s a fight. I am not afraid. I’ll tell you why I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid because I know why I am in this race and I am ready. I am here to ask just one question and I need to know, are you ready?”

The crowd enveloped the candidate in cheers of “Warren, Warren,” as she left the building and headed to East Boston to march in the Columbus Day Parade.

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