Vitale Getting Ready : Town Clerk’s Office Prepares for Election

Town Clerk Carla Vitale is getting her staff and poll workers ready for one of the most watched elections in years. Knowing the political nature of our town and the incredible U.S. Senate race between Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, not to mention the Presidential election that is captivating both voters and political commentators, one can expect a massive voter turnout in Winthrop.

Carla is working hard to make sure that Election Day goes smoothly. She has begun a concerted effort to inform residents where they can vote on Election Day and that there is still time to register to vote if you haven’t done so.

We can say that Carla has administered all of the elections since she has been in office with professionalism and impeccable smoothness. Election day represents arguably the most important duty of a town clerk. We have the utmost confidence that Carla Vitale will ensure that every resident will be able to exercise their right to vote,  a privilege of which our forefathers thought so highly in creating our democracy.

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