Great Police Work : Major Drug Bust by Winthrop P.D.

We join Police Chief Terence Delahanty in commending Detectives Judy Racow, Robert Jaworski, Tim Callinan, and Lt. Detective Brian Perrin for their efforts in executing a major drug bust and putting an end to a   medium-to-large drug operation that was being conducted inside a home in our town.

Their outstanding work, in conjunction with State Police and Suffolk County drug units, resulted in the apprehension and arrest of an individual following a month-long investigation in which it was learned that narcotics were being sold in the neighborhood and adjoining streets.

Certainly, the extent of the drug operation (and that the drug transactions were being conducted in our streets) is eye opening for some of our long-time residents. But the fact is that the illegal use of drugs has become very prevalent in our society and has been for years. There have been numerous drug-related arrests in our town through the years and it’s a problem that Winthrop Police and police departments across our country confront on a regular basis.

It was essential in this process that it be conducted in a professional manner using all aspects of experience, technology, and collaboration. There is always the risk of police officers’ personal safety when they are  dealing with such a nefarious crime as drug selling and indeed, the suspect  had firearms and ammunition in the home.

We’re please that every bit of precaution and advanced planning was taken in this drug bust and the result that the officers wanted was achieved.

Chief Delehanty is rightfully proud of his department and we accompany our residents in saying, “Thank you” for making our neighborhoods safer and protecting our town from wrong-doers with bad intentions.

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