Chief Charles Flanagan: Former Chief Was a Consummate Professional

When one thinks of former Winthrop Fire Chief Charles Flanagan, a number of outstanding attributes come to mind:

First and foremost, Chief Flanagan was a complete professional in every respect. The Winthrop Fire Department was in good hands when he assumed the reins from Ed Hazlett (who was the first permanent chief to be named when the Board of Fire Engineers was made defunct by a vote of the people in 1981). Chief Flanagan knew everything there was to know about the science of  firefighting and the ins-and-outs and peculiarities of the Winthrop Fire Department.

Second, Chief Flanagan loved his work and always acted in the best interests of his men, the department, and the town. You always knew where Chief Flanagan stood on an issue and you always knew that his views were guided solely by what he felt was best for his fellow townspeople.

Finally, Charles Flanagan was a family man who understood that he was maintaining a multi-generational tradition of service to the Winthrop Fire Department. His father was appointed to the Winthrop Fire Department in 1903, he himself was named to the department in 1947; and his sons, Chuck and Paul, presently are serving with the department in their capacities as lieutenant and chief. Chief Charles Flanagan proudly was aware of his family’s legacy and commitment to our community and it showed in everything he did.

Chief Flanagan will be missed by all who knew him. We always will remember him with fondness and respect. We know we join with all Winthrop residents in offering our condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

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