A Great Project: Apartment Complex to Enhance Veterans Rd.

Veterans Road soon will be rejuvenated thanks to the project that will see construction of a  senior-only apartment building and a new Temple Tifereth Israel building. The complex will enhance the whole area and bring a beautifully landscaped property to that part of our town. The project, which will bring affordable housing to seniors, is currently under review by the Conservation Commission, having already received the unanimous approval of the Town Council, Zoning Board, and most recently by our Planning Board.

There are many people who deserve credit for bringing such an outstanding project to the town. The Temple officers, led by President Sandra Pellegrino, had the vision of wanting the best possible use of the property for the community while maintaining a fully-functioning and vibrant place of worship for the congregation. They brought in the Chelsea Jewish Foundation whose work in the health and assisted living field (although the Winthrop Apartments will not be an assisted living facility) has been a national model.  Affirmative Investments, a co-developer of the project, also has set a high standard of excellence in developing affordable housing for communities.

But the success of any town project begins with our town leaders being cordial and receptive to new ideas. From the very beginning, Town Manager James McKenna has been a supporter of the proposal and offered his professional assistance and cooperation to ensure that the project would get a thorough and open review from town government boards and area residents. McKenna has made it clear to developers that Winthrop is a friendly environment in which to bring new development ideas to the table.

Linda Calla, the Town Councilor for the precinct, also has been front and center in support of the project and making sure that all her constituents have had plenty of opportunity to discuss the project at community meetings. Calla’s expertise in the field of real estate certainly was an asset in this case.

We look forward to seeing the day when the Winthrop Apartments (the current name) rise from Veterans Road and seniors are living in the this brand new space and the Temple is hosting its High Holiday services in a smaller, but greater sanctuary.

And looking ahead, we say let’s continue this positive step for the Shirley Street/Beach neighborhood and beyond with more projects that will make this area highly desirable as a residential and business part of our community.

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