School Committee to Unveil Budget Thursday Night Meeting Starts at 6 P.m. at Cummings School

The Winthrop School Committee will unveil its proposed budget for the fiscal 2013 year at Thursday night’s School Committee meeting at the Arthur Cummings school, beginning at 6 p.m.

The first budget of new Superintendent John Macero is expected to be presented to the School Committee for their consideration and discussion at 6 p.m., with public comment on the budget also scheduled for later in the session.

“We’re also going to have Winthrop High hockey team and Mock Trial Team in to recognize them for their achievements this past season,” explained Macero. “But the main business on the agenda really is the budget. I expect we’ll open the meeting with the budget presentation, we may stop the budget discussion around 6:30 to recognize the kids and if we have to, we’ll go back to the budget and public comment periods after that.”

The Winthrop boys hockey team lost a tough 2-0 game in the state division 2 championship finals, while the Mock Trial Team completed a run to the Final Four with a disappointing one-point loss earlier this week.

“The Mock Trial team competed in the Final Four against Pioneer Valley and at the end of the competition, the team’s were tied,” explained Macero. “Unfortunately, the judge awarded the final point to the Pioneer Valley team, giving them the win and the opportunity to go on to the finals.”

Winthrop’s Mock Trial Team still went further than any previous Winthrop team, including last year’s Elite Eight participants, showing that the program continues to make strides and gain strength, each year in the tournament.

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