A Well Deserved Raise: Our Police Do a Good Job

The Town Council approved a raise for the patrol officers in the Winthrop Police Department Tuesday night. Although we certainly are living in a time of unprecedented budgetary restraints, there’s no question that the pay increase has been well earned. All of the Town Council members agreed about the worthiness of the new contract.

The five per cent increase, spread out over three years (though in reality six years because of the zero percent status for two of the previous three years), is reasonable and one that Town Manager James McKenna felt was equitable.

Our residents’ public safety is one of the top priorities in every neighborhood and in every business area in the town. We feel that Police Chief Terence Delehanty and his department have done an outstanding job keeping our town safe and responsive to residents’ security needs. Residents must feel safe and well protected in their daily lives and we believe the WPD is making sure of that with the high level of professionalism and dedication in the execution of their duties. As the ancient Romans said, “Let the safety of the people be the highest law of the land.”

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