Selection Nears – Let the School Committee Know Your Views on the Search for a New Superintendent

If you read the comments of Town Councilor James Letterie in this week’s Sun Transcript, you’ll most likely agree that the School Committee is about to make one of its most important decisions in years. The selection of the new school superintendent of schools is set for the next School Committee on April 7 and the excitement and anticipation is growing. Town Council President Jeffrey Turco used the word “important” in telling viewers on WCAT about the upcoming meeting.

From the size of classes (teacher-to-student ratios), which Chief Terence Delehanty, in his role as a parent of schoolchildren, asked about at Tuesday’s Council Finance Forum, to the decision whether to renovate Winthrop High School or start the ball rolling toward a combined middle/high school project, to the entire future of education in this town, parents will be watching to see whom the School Committee designates as the person best suited to lead the School Department over the next several years.

Councillor Letterie points out that the next superintendent can be a “difference maker” in this town’s future and we wholeheartedly agree. There are a wide array of innovations in education today and Winthrop needs an energetic and creative “manager” to give our students the best opportunity and education they need to succeed in the future.

So if you watched the interviews last week of the four finalists, or have kept up on the news in the Sun Transcript, call your School Committee person and voice your opinion on who should be the next Winthrop School Superintendent. We’re sure that our School Committee members will welcome the opportunity to hear from their constituents on this important matter.

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